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Hi Adelle and Deb

I wanted to send a THANK YOU! Your products are so lovely & nourishing, I just love everything about them.  Thank you so much for sending the kawakawa lip balm for me to try, it's great. I have also put the balm I got on my skin already and it feels so good.

I hope you both have a wonderful day.

Raewyn, 21 April 2022

Magnesium Body Mousse

Always a winner.  Would not be without this product.

Stacey K, 2 May 2022

Best deodorant

We are a family of six and we are all using this deodorant. I have tried many natural deodorant over the years, until a friend got me onto this one, won't use anything else as this one works, thanks team!

Jasmijn, 7 May 2022

Rose Oil Cleaner

Won't go back to anything else, removes all my makeup, leaving my skin feeling and looking hydrated. 

Mandy, 27 April 2022

Cold Sore Balm

Great product

Absolutely love this product so soothing and natural thanks so much

Cryssie, 28 April 2022 

Eczema Balm for the win

This product has become an essential part of our household. It's the only natural product out there that not only soothes but cures our daughters eczema. It's magic!

Amy S, 20 April 2022

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Can't recommend it enough!! (Baby Bump Pregnancy Oil)

I love love the smell and sensation on my bump! I use it daily before bed and it definitely helps with my sleep too! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and have been using it since week 15 and no stretching marks!  

Amanda B, 18 April 2022

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Hi girls,

Just received my body mousse...helps me so much with my ongoing pain & sleep. Can't be without it. 

Wonderful service...delivered next day.

Have a great day & thankyou again. 

Lorraine, 12 April 2022

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Magnesium Body Mouse/Lavender

I really love this product!!! The lavender in it definitely helps relax and help with sleep at night. Both my husband and l use it on our feet, and any other sore bits like knees and elbows. I highly recommend it and will be buying more and gifting it, so more people know about it. It's the best l've tried!!! And it's natural!!!

Beth M,  11 April 2022

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Nettle Shampoo

Love the shampoo for my hair regrowth protocol I had to buy more for myself and my partner. Consider me a lifetime customer of your shampoo and conditioner! :)

Chris K, Australia, 11 April 2022

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Probiotic deodorant

I've been using these products for a number of years they are all great. I really enjoy this new scent of goddess and had a number of positive comments. Keep up the fabulous work ladies. My next order won't be far away :-) 

Sonya, 19 April 2022

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Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that the shaving cream I ordered from you last week is fantastic! It arrived saturday morning.. I tried it straight away and loved it.. and so am getting other products from you guys too and will be a repeat customer! Love your work!

 Kind regards, Lance C

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Absolutely love this fantastic spray. It leaves the air in the home feeling and smelling fresh and clean. I have sprayed it in the closets, Linen cupboard as well, what a lovely fragrance you get when you open the cupboards. Also great for eliminating bath room odors. I Highly recommend this wonderful spray.

Annette E, 19 November 2021

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Magnesium Lavender Mousse & Warming Muscle Gel

I started using the magnesium lavender mousse along with the muscle warming gel about a year ago for tennis elbow. The gentle soft smell of the lavender in the mousse is just a perfect balance for using it at night, this very much helped me sleep. So much so over time I was able to reduce the medication I was taking to help with the pain and sleeping and now this is the only natural product I use. Along with the warming gel these two products are a must in my world!!

Julia T, 25 March 2022


Wow! The first product I bought from Nature Body was the probiotic eczema cream. I bought it as a trial for my partner as he has very reactive skin. He loved it. So we've just bought more products. They arrived quickly, in great low waste packaging (our worm farms thank you for the cardboard) and all of the products are excellent. They smell great, apply well and really feel like natural healing made with love. Thankyou for creating such wonderful products. 

Anna S, 23 March 2022

Hi girls,

Just received my body mousse...helps me so much with my ongoing pain & sleep. Can't be without it. 

Wonderful service...delivered next day.

Have a great day & thankyou again :-)

Lorraine, 12 April 2022

Hi there! 

Just wanted to email you and express how divine your products are! I purchased the rose oil cleanser, toner and natural moisturizer. Absolutely over the moon with them. They immediately left my skin feeling clean & soft, as I have sensitive skin I am truly happy I found your products!! Instant difference as soon as it touched my face compared to other products I've tried. Im so happy right now!!! you've gained a lifelong customer :-) 

22 Nov 2021

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Appreciation and Aroha

Amazing and affordable products. Really fast shipping. Thank you so much for creating these rongoa products

Mere M

Vanilla Bean Moisturiser

5 star rating

So good. Goes a long way so lasts for ages. Have been using this for several years.

Wendy R

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I love the care taken

Super fast shipping and delivery, I absolutely love the care taken with packaging and your commitment to being plastic-free. The unexpected lavender that greeted me upon opening was lovely!

 H.E, 26 January 2022

Absolutely gorgeous products

They arrived today, can’t believe they got here so fast, absolutely gorgeous products, I’m stoked. Gave one of the deodorants to my daughter and she loves it, so I think you’ve got another customer.

Kirstine, 16 February 2022

Kowhai Anti Itch Gel

This is fabulous. I react badly to mozzie bites so prevention is better than cure for me but this stuff works. And I love it cold out of the fridge. I’ll be taking this wherever I go I think :-)


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Absolutely love this fantastic spray. It leaves the air in the home feeling and smelling fresh and clean. I have sprayed it in the closets, Linen cupboard as well, what a lovely fragrance you get when you open the cupboards. Also great for eliminating bath room odors. I Highly recommend this wonderful spray.


Absolute best natural deodorant I have used. Unlike other natural deodorants this keeps me smelling fresh all day and I don't break out in a painful rash. My husband has converted also. A must try if you are looking for something better, this product is a winner. Lemongrass is amazing, so fresh and calming. 

Ashleigh R

30 Nov 2021

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Fabulous service

Beautifully packaged felt like a real gift And we totally love ❤ the room spray It is wonderful in every way!

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Great natural alternative (Probiotic Eczema Balm)

My daughter has eczema. I have used all the creams, kawa kawa has always done a good job, thought I would give this a go with the probiotic, and it works a treat! Seems to help the itch, as well as heal.


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Sacha Inchi Facial Serum

Love this as my daily facial moisturiser, and have purchased many times. My skin just soaks it up and as IÂ’m nearing fifty my skin is a bit dryer but no greasiness, and a little goes a long way. Also a great price and quick delivery.


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Excellent Service

Excellent service. Amazed how quickly it arrived. 


Love this cream (Magnesium Body Mousse)

It helps me sleep and helps with pain.


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Probiotic Eczema Balm - A Life Changer

I can't believe how amazing the probiotic eczema cream has worked for me and my 3yo daughter! I have had eczema for nearly 25 years, and the prescription creams and moisturisers have never worked, always stung and seemingly irritated rather than helped my skin. I have had constant broken, cracked, inflamed skin that entire time. I'm also a nurse, so my hands can get to the point that I can barely bend my fingers! 

When my daughter started to get eczema I felt so bad for her, knowing the struggle she would face for years to come. BUT! I tried the probiotic eczema cream for both myself and my daughter and the results are incredible! It worked within days, sometimes overnight, and now we need it for flare ups and maximum a couple times a week. It soothes immediately, stopping the itch, it doesn't sting, and clears flare ups quickly. 

People comment on how well my skin is looking. My daughter is a pro at knowing when she needs her "special cream" and how to apply it. Have bought the bigger jar now and I'm looking forward to trying out a few more products now too :-) Life changer xx

Cheri H, 21 Nov 2021

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Thank you

Thank you I received my goodies today! Such a treat and so beautifully packaged. I think Goddess (probiotic deodorant) could be my new favorite!


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It made my day

My daughter just brought me the lip balm with the nicest note from the two of you.  It was so unexpected and delightful…it made my day.  Thank you both so much.     


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Feedback - Cold Sore Balm

I have nothing but a 100% rave about your product!  I have been plagued with mouth cold sores like forever!  My mother and all her sisters have them since as long as I can remember and being Dutch, they kiss a lot (at least 3 times each greeting and goodbye) and none of them will believe me when I tell them cold sores are contagious and also dangerous for young babies.  Anyway, since using your product...  ...it was amazing!  I usually use Manuka honey but can't take that overseas so your product was the perfect alternative - the fact that it worked so well and so quick took me by surprise - most times if I get in early enough, the cold sore doesn't get past the tingly feeling before it disappears!  I can put it inside my mouth when I can get an ulcer - I manage to get some on and hold my mouth still for a bit - the ulcers go away within 12 hours.  Highly recommend this to have on hand all the time.  Pure magic!

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best eco deodorant!

I have tried pretty much every deodorant that is cruelty-free (and plastic-free!) and this one actually works. I've been so disappointed in natural and eco-conscious deoderants with some seeming to do nothing or even make you get worse B.O! Nature Body Extra Strength Probiotic deodorant is by far the best and can compete with big commercial brands. Thank you for restoring my faith that natural products can be just as effective as those chemical cocktails. Love the Mint & Manuka (smells like peppermint!)


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Nature Body 

I am very happy with all the products I've bought from Nature Body, especially the probiotic deodorants. They feel great on my skin, smells nice and works very well. Keep up the good work! Thank you for making good products for me and my family.


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Nature Body Products

Just thought I'd let you know how impressed I am with both your product and your prompt service. Have recommended your products to a number of friends and family who suffer from sleeplessness and Anxiety. Look forward to trying some more of your products. 

Denise O

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Magnesium Body Mousse and Nature Body hair care products

I recently submitted reviews for some of your products, two of them being hair related. I have the best hair I’ve had in years, and I credit Nature Body products for that.

I bought the Magnesium Body Mousse because I wanted to get better sleep but there's a bonus I wasn't prepared for. I've been rubbing it into my wrist as I would an anti inflammatory cream and it's really helped. I had surgery 18 months ago to repair a smashed wrist....all was well until one of the screws moved and is now rubbing on a tendon. Ouch. Yes, so now awaiting further surgery to repair the damage. So at night I give the wrist a massage with the cream. Honestly, it really does ease the ache.

Carol Seay

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Magnesium Body Mousse

Another amazing product, fantastic customer service, and courier service. 10/10.


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Very Happy!

I've tried and loved about 10 different Nature Body products and am so grateful I found this lovely brand! Shipping is always extremely fast, products always smell great and work wonderfully. Customer service is great too. Thank you!

Megan Burfoot

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Life Changing Deodorant

This totally works for me! I used to use the highest aluminium based deodorant known to man. I have/had used many natural deodorants with lack lustre results, always reluctantly "needing" to go back to commercial deodorants. That was until I discovered this life changing deodorant! I love everything about it! Finally a natural deodorant that truly works and smells divine! I'm yours for life! Arohanui

Keren Lundon

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Tried So Many Deodorants!

"I have tried maybe 6 aluminium free deodorants through the years and, until Nature Body, I hadn't found one that works. I love the Om scent"

Jewel Thomson

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Like Silk on Hands

Wow wow wow, I adore this sanitiser it feels like silk on my hands and the fragrance is divine compared to the strong alcohol based ones I’m used to using! Thank you so much, I’ll be in need of a bigger bottle when this one runs out!

Kim Busby

Kanuka Hand Sanitiser (View Product)

Steroid Injection Avoided in Shoulder

I can't speak highly enough of your muscle warming gel. I have a few work colleagues who are now using this for their injuries after I told them about it. I was booked in for another steroid shot in my buggered shoulder however was able to cancel it due to using your product every night on my shoulder. It has worked a miracle on it - I can't thank you enough : ) Keep up the good work and your amazing products.

Lisa Clark

Warming Muscle Gel (View Product)

Amazing Eczema Balm

"I am loving my probiotic eczema balm. My hands haven't been this clear for a long time. This stuff is amazing!"

Julia Semb

Probiotic Eczema Balm (View Product)

No more steroid cream for Eczema!

"Wanted to let you know that my daughter has been having quite a bad eczema flare up...your products have helped her a lot, she is not using steroid creams anymore, we had much better success with your products!"

Emma Butler

Probiotic Eczema Balm (View Product)

Tooth Powder

Hey guys! We have been using your charcoal mint tooth powder for the last month and have to thank you!! It has been amazing! 

Robin & Emily Jones

Remineralising Toothpowder (View Product)


We love your products and its fantastic that I can compost or burn in our winter fire any finished cardboard containers! The wooden filings that you use for protection in the box, goes right on around my pots for mulch and the cardboard box and biodegradable tape goes out to the back garden for mulch as well. I absolutely love that its waste free! Well done everyone your doing such a great job! We all love your products! Keep up the good work!


Nature Body Shop (View Product)

Magnesium for Sleep

I put some (magnesium body mousse) on my four year old last night when he complained about sore legs. Asked him this morning if it went away, he said he was sore for a bit but it went. He was quiet soon after I put it on normally you can hear him crying to himself but not last night. - 

Kristy Moore

magnesium body mousse (view product)

Deodorant that Works!

Dearest Nature Body, Thank you! Thank you for creating a natural deodorant THAT TRULY WORKS!! Thank you for using the finest of ingredients that work with my body, and that I can safely give to my pre-teen daughters. Thank you for the heavenly scented sandalwood/patchouli that smells appealing and not cheap. Thank you for considering the planet by using recyclable product. Thank you a million times over, nothing has ever come close to how much I love this deodorant! I'm a customer for life! Yours forever, Arohanui.


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Beautiful Nettle Shampoo

I found the best natural shampoo and conditioner after months of looking!! I was hesitant at first as my hair is not exactly super soft after washing. Come day two and my hair is absolutely beautiful, bouncy, and looks super healthy. Also feels super clean and no product build up! I'm using this on my toddler now too and converting my other half! Love love your products as I've tried the toothpaste and deodorant as well. Super quick shipping too. Thank you! 😊😊😊 Beautiful results · Amazing results · Great deals.

Chika Navarro

nettle shampoo (view product)

White Teeth, Fresh Breath

I love the Charcoal Toothpaste. Its the best. Long lasting, whitens, fresh breath, no need to wash out, and great at mineralising my teeth. I love the ingredients inside it as well. Thanks heaps

William Harrison

charcoal toothpaste (view product)

So so so good Natural Moisturiser

My favourite is the orange and chamomile moisturiser. So so so good on my skin.

Rhiannon Philpott

natural moisturiser (view product)

Magic Healing Kawakawa Balm

Best purchase I've ever made, it's my 'go to' first aid balm. Especially great when I burnt my leg on my partners motorbike exhaust pipe... I was very lucky it kept the blistering at bay, took the heat and sting of it out too. This is it almost completely healed now. Burnt 12th of January. Also takes the itch & pain out of cat scratches and insect bites too.

Alyze Lindsay

organic kawakawa balm (view product)

No more dry raspy hair!

So completely stoked with my hair thanks to Nature Body and their nettle shampoo and conditioner. Starting my day with an awesome youth client and I feel all springy and healthy 😌. Doesn’t your hair seem to make a vast difference to how you feel? No more dry raspy hair. I had tried everything and after two weeks of using their products my hair is finally back to ‘normal’. Thanks, you guys make the most beautiful things! My only regret is the money I have wasted trying to fix it before giving your stuff a go!

Maria Quayle-Guppy

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