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Very Happy!

I've tried and loved about 10 different Nature Body products and am so grateful I found this lovely brand! Shipping is always extremely fast, products always smell great and work wonderfully. Customer service is great too. Thank you!

Megan Burfoot

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Life Changing Deodorant

This totally works for me! I used to use the highest aluminium based deodorant known to man. I have/had used many natural deodorants with lack lustre results, always reluctantly "needing" to go back to commercial deodorants. That was until I discovered this life changing deodorant! I love everything about it! Finally a natural deodorant that truly works and smells divine! I'm yours for life! Arohanui

Keren Lundon

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Tried So Many Deodorants!

"I have tried maybe 6 aluminium free deodorants through the years and, until Nature Body, I hadn't found one that works. I love the Om scent"

Jewel Thomson

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Like Silk on Hands

Wow wow wow, I adore this sanitiser it feels like silk on my hands and the fragrance is divine compared to the strong alcohol based ones I’m used to using! Thank you so much, I’ll be in need of a bigger bottle when this one runs out!

Kim Busby

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Steroid Injection Avoided in Shoulder

I can't speak highly enough of your muscle warming gel. I have a few work colleagues who are now using this for their injuries after I told them about it. I was booked in for another steroid shot in my buggered shoulder however was able to cancel it due to using your product every night on my shoulder. It has worked a miracle on it - I can't thank you enough : ) Keep up the good work and your amazing products.

Lisa Clark

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Amazing Eczema Balm

"I am loving my probiotic eczema balm. My hands haven't been this clear for a long time. This stuff is amazing!"

Julia Semb

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No more steroid cream for Eczema!

"Wanted to let you know that my daughter has been having quite a bad eczema flare up...your products have helped her a lot, she is not using steroid creams anymore, we had much better success with your products!"

Emma Butler

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Tooth holes gone!

Hey guys! We have been using your charcoal mint tooth powder for the last month and have to thank you!! It has been amazing! My husband had 2 big holes in his molars and now both of the holes have closed and the part that has grown back is even bulging out a bit! Pretty amazing!

Robin & Emily Jones

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Fantastic and worked great!

I bought your sunscreen with insect repellent for my 17 year old daughter to go to Samoa. She was hesitant at first because it was natural, I was pleased she told me it was fantastic and worked great! And it was lovely to put on skin! Thanks Nature Body - 

Kim Lewis

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Magnesium for Sleep

I put some (magnesium body mousse) on my four year old last night when he complained about sore legs. Asked him this morning if it went away, he said he was sore for a bit but it went. He was quiet soon after I put it on normally you can hear him crying to himself but not last night. - 

Kristy Moore

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Deodorant that Works!

Dearest Nature Body, Thank you! Thank you for creating a natural deodorant THAT TRULY WORKS!! Thank you for using the finest of ingredients that work with my body, and that I can safely give to my pre-teen daughters. Thank you for the heavenly scented sandalwood/patchouli that smells appealing and not cheap. Thank you for considering the planet by using recyclable product. Thank you a million times over, nothing has ever come close to how much I love this deodorant! I'm a customer for life! Yours forever, Arohanui.


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Beautiful Nettle Shampoo

I found the best natural shampoo and conditioner after months of looking!! I was hesitant at first as my hair is not exactly super soft after washing. Come day two and my hair is absolutely beautiful, bouncy, and looks super healthy. Also feels super clean and no product build up! I'm using this on my toddler now too and converting my other half! Love love your products as I've tried the toothpaste and deodorant as well. Super quick shipping too. Thank you! 😊😊😊 Beautiful results · Amazing results · Great deals.

Chika Navarro

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White Teeth, Fresh Breath

I love the Charcoal Toothpaste. Its the best. Long lasting, whitens, fresh breath, no need to wash out, and great at mineralising my teeth. I love the ingredients inside it as well. Thanks heaps

William Harrison

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So so so good Natural Moisturiser

My favourite is the orange and chamomile moisturiser. So so so good on my skin.

Rhiannon Philpott

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Magic Healing Kawakawa Balm

Best purchase I've ever made, it's my 'go to' first aid balm. Especially great when I burnt my leg on my partners motorbike exhaust pipe... I was very lucky it kept the blistering at bay, took the heat and sting of it out too. This is it almost completely healed now. Burnt 12th of January. Also takes the itch & pain out of cat scratches and insect bites too.

Alyze Lindsay

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No more dry raspy hair!

So completely stoked with my hair thanks to Nature Body and their nettle shampoo and conditioner. Starting my day with an awesome youth client and I feel all springy and healthy 😌. Doesn’t your hair seem to make a vast difference to how you feel? No more dry raspy hair. I had tried everything and after two weeks of using their products my hair is finally back to ‘normal’. Thanks, you guys make the most beautiful things! My only regret is the money I have wasted trying to fix it before giving your stuff a go!

Maria Quayle-Guppy

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