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About Us

We are a family of 4 and we live in beautiful, sub-tropical Kerikeri, New Zealand, on our little acre of paradise, with our organic orchard & vege garden, plus chickens, guinea pigs and Crystal the cat. We homeschool natural learning style, and get out in nature as often as possible.

We are passionate about natural healthy products, and growing our own herbs & organic food. Nitya has studied, created and researched natural medicine for years and now creates our natural products, although it's very much a family effort to help, to live as sustainably as possible & to keep our eco footprints small.

Kyle now makes and tests our products also and ships parcels out. Our eldest daughter Sarai often creates a potion of her own with some of our ingredients, or helps harvest, dry and make a herbal oil etc. Life is busy and fun!

The History:

Nature Body was created when our eldest daughter Sarai was born over 10 years ago. We wanted natural products for her but found them to be very expensive, or not really that natural. We also wanted her to be at home with Mum during her young years and our budget was tight. So Nitya created our own natural body-care and home cleaning products. Friends and family loved them and over the years, the products grew & became what they are today (and they are continually evolving).

Nature Body is about supporting other families to live affordably and naturally, while also supporting our Mother Earth.

Please help yourself to the free eco recipes as you like, plus some of our favourite, most-used gluten-free recipes.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy our products; we love creating them! Any feedback is appreciated and if you'd like us to make any new products, please drop us a line.

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and support!

Nitya, Kyle, Sarai & Tara            



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