Happy 2021

About Us

Pure, Natural, Organic & Ethical

Nature provides all we need, so we stick to all natural ingredients, ones that our great-grandmothers used to Drying herbshave growing in the garden or stored in the medicine cabinet. You won't find any palm oil or GMO's here!
We believe in full transparency, so all our ingredients are listed on our website and on the product label.
We go to GREAT lengths (and we mean A LOT) to source certified ethical and organic ingredients. Many hours of time, effort and research has gone into finding the very best ingredients for our products.

We also grow & harvest our own organic herbs to make our own herbal oils... our hot water cupboard is often full of drying herbs instead of towels!
We DO NOT test on animals; we test our products on ourselves instead - that's the fun part!

Did you know that almost 90% of ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products have not been safety tested for human health effects? By the time you left your home this morning, it is estimated that the average woman would have exposed herself to over 200 chemicals and a man to around 100!

Earth Conscious & Zero Waste

We aim to keep our eco footprints small & support our mother Earth. We aim to live in connection with Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), so we try to live as sustainably as possible, choosing to buy products that are eco-friendly, growing lots of our own food, and making our own cleaning products. It's really heartening seeing a growing number of people doing the same!

ALL our products are packaged in glass, tin or cardboard packaging, and we are continuously looking for even better options!
We took a stand against all the plastic shipping bags and now have zero waste shipping, including paper packing tape - we were so stoked to find paper tape!

We do all we can to help keep our planet pristine. We always recycle everything we possibly can and encourage our suppliers to ship ingredients zero waste also.
All our cardboard and paper products to our ingredients are delivered in are recycled, or reused to package parcels. We only print what is necessary and use 100% recycled paper.

We are happy to recycle any clean glass jars or bottles if you can return them to us, and we offer a $1 discount per returned jar off next purchase (contact us to arrange).

The Nature Body Story

Nature Body was created when our eldest daughter Sarai was born over 11 years ago. We Kyle pouring deodorantswanted natural products for her but found them to be very pricey or not really that natural.
We also wanted her to be at home with Mum during her young years, we were on a single income and our budget was tight.
Nitya had always made her own skin care for years, so whipped up some baby balm, which expanded into all our own natural skin care and home cleaning products. Friends and family loved them and over the years, the products grew & became what they are today (and they are continually evolving).
We make all our products from home, so we know EXACTLY what goes into them, plus a lot of extra aroha (love)!

Meet our Whanau (family)

We are a family of 4 and we live in Kerikeri, New Zealand. We are passionate about growing our own organic fruit, veges and herbs, so wherever we go, we plant a large orchard and garden.
We homeschool our two girls, who often end up helping harvest herbs or they create their own "potions" alongside us.
One day soon we'd love to be the kaitiaki (caretakers) of a block of land, to live even more sustainably, and get off-grid.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy these products; we love creating them!
Any feedback, support and product requests are appreciated.
Thank you!

Nitya, Kyle, Sarai & Tara