Kowhai Anti Itch Gel
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An all-natural cooling organic gel for pesky, itchy bites!

You've had a fun day at the beach or river, but it's bed time and your little one is now itchy with hot, inflamed, annoying bites!

This gel helps ease the nasty swelling reaction, plus cools the hot, annoying itching.

Witch hazel, organic chickweed, organic aloe vera, organic baking soda, kowhai extract, colloidal silver and other all-natural ingredients are extremely helpful for easing bites & reactions.

Our youngest daughter reacts badly to bites, they swell badly and keep her awake at night with the itching. One bite on her foot looked like she had a bee sting!  Applying this gel helps SO much, she can calm and sleep again, phew!

Simply dab some of this anti-itch gel on the itch to ease it, don't rub in too much.

Top tip: store this gel in the fridge to increase the cooling sensation!

Organic aloe vera gel, witch hazel, organic baking soda, organic chickweed, kawakawa & plantain oils, kowhai extract, colloidal silver, lavender, eucalyptus and manuka essential oils, menthol, ledum & staphisagria homeopathic remedies.

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  • Anti-itch Gel
    A very effective itch solution. It works immediately and really is soothing and cooling. I recommend this gel.
    Posted: 2021-10-20 by Kath
  • Good for stings
    I usually use this gel for nettle stings and rashes I get from gardening but most recently used it on a wasp sting. Immediate relief and solved the itches thank you.
    Posted: 2021-10-19 by Mel
  • Anti Itch Gel
    Very satisfied with this product. It really works!
    Posted: 2021-09-10 by Valerie
  • Kowhai Anti itch Gel
    My friend has terminal cancer and was telling me about how everyone worries about pain, but actually it's the 'minor' discomforts that cause more distress. She has a port on her chest for chemo infusions, and the itchiness over it was driving her crazy. I gave her my NB itchy relief gel and she couldn't believe how effective is was. Needless to say I've now had to get more for myself!
    Posted: 2021-08-26 by Carol Seay
  • For the grand kids
    I got this for my grand children and their mozzi bites etc. The pump bottle makes it no mess and easy to use. I love this product too
    Posted: 2021-04-17

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