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Welcome to Nature Body!

Pure, natural and organic ingredients

Earth conscious - keep our eco footprints small & support our mother earth

Zero waste - glass, tin or cardboard packaging, zero waste shipping, including paper packing tape

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Nitya, Kyle, Sarai & Tara x

Ingredients so natural you can eat most of them...

Ingredients that our great-grandmothers used to have growing in the garden or stored in the medicine cabinet.

Almost 90% of ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products have not been safety tested for human health effects. By the time you left your home this morning, the average woman would have exposed herself to over 200 chemicals and a man to around 100!

Turmeric & Charcoal Toothpastes

Turmeric & Charcoal Toothpaste

For healthy teeth & gums
Natural Probiotic Deodorants

Probiotic Deodorant

Chemical-free natural deodorant
Magnesium Body Mousse

Magnesium Body Mousse

For achy, sore muscles and insomnia

Natural Probiotic Deodorants... did you know?

  • Natural and chemical free
  • NZ's original probiotic deodorant
  • They work by utilising two topical strains of probiotics that used to live on our skin before the age of anti-bacterial soaps and washes.One strain in particular oxidises sweat on your body and helps keep skin healthy. It even reduces the need for deodorant!
  • Zero aluminium to worry about under the very sensitive area of your underarm, and best of all...
  • They really work!

We're passionate about the environment

And we love these beautiful eco-friendly products for your home... every little step counts! We also ship in zero waste packaging, even the packing tape is made from paper!

I bought your sunscreen with insect repellent for my 17 year old daughter to go to Samoa. She was hesitant at first because it was natural, I was pleased she told me it was fantastic and worked great! And it was lovely to put on skin! Thanks Nature Body - Kim Lewis

I put some (magnesium body mousse) on my four year old last night when he complained about sore legs. Asked him this morning if it went away, he said he was sore for a bit but it went. He was quiet soon after I put it on normally you can hear him crying to himself but not last night. - Kristy Moore

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