Sacha Inchi Facial Serum

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Sacha Inchi Facial Serum
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A luxurious nutrient-rich oil for your face to cleanse & deeply moisturise, balance & soothe your skin.

Lightly apply before makeup or sunscreen, or at night for a deeply rejuvenating effect. With a light vanilla scent, this luxurious oil is simply gorgeous to use, is great for aging skin, dry/dehydrated skin, oily/acne-prone skin, sensitive/damaged skin, or simply as a rejuvenating cleanse and rich skin-food.

- Organic Sacha Inchi oil has exceptionally high omega-3,6&9 essential unsaturated fatty acid content; Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (35%), Omega 9 (9%), proteins (33%) and antioxidants (50%). It is also abundant in iodine and vitamin A and E and carotenoids (Carotenoids are an integral part of a healthy immune system, they help us fight aging and other kinds of damage. Our skin absorbs these carotenoids and uses them to heal sun damage and protect our skin from the environment.)

  • Can help to balance acne-prone skin.
  • Exceptionally soothing to dry or irritated skin.
  • Can help improve moisture retention.
  • Excellent for the lips, nails, hair and scalp.
  • Extraordinarily high antioxidant properties, therefore good for anti-aging.
  • Limits dehydration and helps to strengthen and rebuild natural skin barriers.
  • Relieves irritated or scaly scalps from eczema and/or psoriasis.
  • Can be used to relieve itchy, scaly, and chronically dry skin, including inflamed or irritated skin.
  • Wonderful for mature skin with fine lines.
  • Helps regulate oil production.
  • Helps protect the skin from sun damage.
  • Keeps skin elastic.

The production of Sacha Inchi oil is sustainable and economical. The plant fruits for up to 75 years, giving it a long production cycle. It is a year-round crop, and the costs of growing are low. The demand for Sacha Inchi also encourages the reforestation of the Amazon.

- Hempseed oil is perfect for most skin types as it can moisturize without clogging your pores. It can even help to balance out oily skin, hydrating it and regulating the skin’s oil production.

Dryness can also cause your skin to overproduce oil, which in turn, can stimulate acne. Hemp oil can prevent dry skin without clogging pores. This helps reduce acne that’s caused by excess oil.

One of the omega-6 fatty acids that hemp oil contains is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory while simultaneously encouraging skin growth and new cell generation.

This can help to calm inflammation and irritation on the skin, including acne and some conditions like psoriasis, while keeping the skin nourished and moisturized.

Hempseed oil also treats atopic dermatitis and has incredible anti-aging properties.

- Macadamia oil should be the most praised beautifying oil of all. It has an amazing affinity with the skin, and can be taken both topically and internally. Each precious drop is SO rich in essential fatty acids; it will have your skin crying out for more.

  • It’s chemical profile is very similar to that of human sebum.
  • It has a non greasy, feel on the skin.
  • Its palmitoleic and oleic acid profile makes it the perfect choice for a mature or dry skin.
  • Phytosterols are protective, aiding in skin recovery, they work like cortisone on the skin helping to reduce itchiness and inflammation.
  • The linoleic fatty acid content makes it great for a skin that has difficulty retaining moisture.

- Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturiser.

- Jojoba oil is very similar to the natural oils of our skin. Which means it not only moisturizes, but absorbs faster than other oils. Jojoba is suitable for all skin types. And its benefits don’t end there—Jojoba Oil is full of nutrients and antioxidants, and also helps tame inflammation, reduce fine lines, control acne breakouts, soothe sunburn, and more. It is also anti–microbial... Jojoba oil naturally deters microbes, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria on skin. This property makes it useful for those with acne, and also provides an added wound-healing benefit. Bonus: Jojoba oil acts as a natural preservative.

- Rosehip oil is harvested from the seeds of rose bushes, and is chock-full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (omegas 3 & 6), fatty acids (omega 9) and beta-carotene (pro-Vitamin A), making it not only intensely nourishing but one of the best pure plant oils for helping repair and rejuvenate skin.

Prized since ancient times for its valuable healing benefits, rosehip oil is loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids. It also contains phenols that have been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Rosehip oil is often used as a carrier oil for essential oils which are too intense to put on your skin directly.

It hydrates, moisturises, helps exfoliate & brighten skin, boosts collagen formation, reduce inflammation, protects against sun damage, reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces scars and fine lines & can boost immunity.

If cleansing, gently wipe your face with a warm cloth after applying this oil and follow with pure rose toner and natural moisturiser for a complete, balancing skin routine.


Ingredients: organic extra virgin sacha inchi oil, organic hempseed oil, rosehip oil, macadamia oil, argan oil, vanilla-infused jojoba oil.


Both the products and the people behind them are utterly fantastic!!! I can't recommend Sach Inchi Facial Serum highly enough! If you have a great complexion and use it- you will probably blind folk with your gorgeousness BUT if like me you have been left with the legacy of troubled skin and scars- and use this oil one night before bed- you will probably arise the next morning and believe in Natural Magic! I experienced amazing results after one night and within 24 hours I don't develop oily patches, have tighter pores, softer smoother skin, ancient scars have faded and pitting filled out. I've only used this oil for one week and I will be using it for life- it hands down beats everything out there as moisturiser. I also think Kawakawa ointment is fabulous and again gives immediate pain relief and vastly expedited healing as I discovered after some heavy duty lacerations from pruning the roses at the weekend. I could go on about a number of other products lololBut I just want to encourage others to follow your instincts and try whatever you feel you or family members need- you can`t go wrong! AND Nitya and Kyle could not be more friendly and helpful- Thank you!!! - Jessie Brogan

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