Top 5 natural products for summer

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As the days grow longer and the temperatures start to climb, the team here at Nature Body are getting ready for all the wonderful things that summer brings.

We are undoubtedly looking forward to evening strolls along the Waikawa waterfront, bbqs with friends and family and of course that oh so tasty glass of wine in the sun after a long day in the workshop.

But with the joy of summer comes the Kiwi summer nemesis - mosquitos and sunburn! To help you get the most out of your summer and prepare for these hallmarks of any summer in Aotearoa, we’ve put together a list of the top five products you need to get you through to March.

1. Insect Repellant Oil
Perfect for swimming, adventuring around water, walking through the bush, playing close to sunset, or BBQs in the evening. This delicious smelling, effective natural insect repellent against pesky midgies, mozzies and sandflies.

Skin soothing and bug repelling in one bottle, the perfect summer accessory for any family.

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2. Kowhai Anti Itch Gel
If you’re out and about this summer and forget your Nature Body Insect Repellent, don’t worry! The Kowhai Anti Itch Gel is the perfect all-natural, organic cooling gel for pesky, itchy bites.

This gel is a great way to ease the nasty swelling reaction and cool that hot, annoying itching.

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3. Kawakawa Balm
Summer heat and activities can really iterate our annoying skin conditions or allergies. We always have a jar of our wonderful Kawakawa balm on hand to soothe burns, itchy bites, rashes and irritated skin.

This organic balm creates a gentle barrier on the skin, locking in moisture to soothe itching and support active repair. Plus it's great as an intensive night time moisturiser!

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4. Peppermint & Vanilla Magnesium Foot Balm
We don’t know about you but summer always equals cracked heel season for us. We have already started using our Peppermint & Vanilla Magnesium Foot Balm to prep our feet for the beach.

This all-over healing and soothing rub for feet is great to use just before sleep! The magnesium helps sore and tight muscles and helps with relaxing for a restful sleep. It also rubs in beautifully and leaves skin soft.

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5. Natural Moisturiser
After a day out in the sun, your skin will need a treat. Our natural moisturiser is a deeply moisturising & healing cream for face, hands and body. It’s light consistency also means it soaks easily into your skin.

Available in five different scents or unscented, this moisturiser is perfect for daily use and extra-drying outdoor work!

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Posted: Tuesday 19 October 2021

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