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Great Nana's Tomato Relish

Great Nana's Tomato Relish

This is the BEST tomato relish recipe we've ever tried, it doesn't last long!

It's delicious on sandwiches, as a side to dinners, but my top favourite is with blue cheese and avocado on crackers, yum!

One thing we wanted to do to be more self-sufficient is grow as much of our own food as we could, and to preserve excess for the off-season. With this recipe being my great-Nana's, it was a great reminder that we want to do more of what she would have done!


Great Nana's Tomato Relish

6 lbs tomatoes
3 lbs sugar
3 lbs onions
6 cups vinegar
2 tbspn mustard
2 tbspn curry powder
Salt to taste - approx 4-6 tspns
Cornflour to thicken - approx 8 tbspn

Chop tomatoes and onions, put into large pot.  Add sugar, vinegar, mustard and curry.  Bring to the boil, simmer for approx 1-2 hours, stirring regularly (until tomatoes cooked).
Add salt to taste and cornflour to thicken.  Bottle into sterilised jars.

Posted: Tuesday 4 February 2020


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