How to DIY T.Shirt Bags

How to DIY T.Shirt Bags

DIY T. Shirt Bags

These are super easy to make! They fold down tightly so are really handy stored under the front seat of your car for a bag while out, or in a backpack.

Cotton is best, don't use overly stretchy fabric, for obvious reasons!

  • Start with your cotton t.shirt like the one below.
  • Cut off the sleeves and deepen the neckline.
  • With your scissors, cut strips along the base of t.shirt, approx 1 cm thick, and 6 cms long, like pic below.

  • Tie each second strip (both layers) in a firm reef knot, then the next two, and so on until all are tied together on bottom of t.shirt.
  • And that's it, so simple! These bags are quite stretchy so can fit lots in them, but are also strong.

We love them! They also create great conversations at checkouts 😂

Send us some pics if you make some!

Posted: Saturday 23 February 2019

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