Zero waste tip - how to make your own paneer!

Zero waste tip - how to make your own paneer!

Zero waste tip - How to make paneer/curd 😋

Who else loves paneer/curd with dinner??

But the handy Gopala paneer comes in plastic packaging. (I've emailed asking if they would move to a better alternative but haven't yet heard back)

So... here's how to make your own! It's super easy, takes about 15-20mins only, yum!

1- Heat to boil 2L of raw/organic milk (full cream is best)
2- Take off heat and add approx 1/3 tspn citric acid.
3- Stir gently, leave a few mins, then gradually add 1/4 tspn lots of citric acid until milk has fully separated and you can see the solids and yellow/green whey.
(The quicker you add the citric acid, the firmer the curd will be)
4- Pour into sieve and leave to sit for as long as you can before adding to dinner (usually around 1 hour for us because we can't wait any longer!).
5- Tip out of sieve and cut into squares.
6- Lightly fry in pan in ghee/coconut oil until golden brown (optional).
7- Stir into any curry or other meal and enjoy, YUM!
8 - Don't waste the very nutritious whey! Use it as part of the curry, cook rice with half whey & half water, add to soups etc.

This incredible liquid whey is loaded with natural proteins and has several health benefits:
Builds muscle strength.
Provides cellular energy.
Improves immunity.
Prevents diseases like cancer and HIV.
Lowers blood pressure to healthy levels without side effects, unlike blood pressure medications.
Reduces the risk of thrombosis, thereby helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
Improves prostate health and prevents prostate cancer.
Promotes healthy gut bacteria and inhibits harmful bacteria.
Cleanses the bladder and helps prevent bladder infections.
Corrects hormonal imbalances.
Slows down ageing.
Promotes weight loss.
Improves digestion, in a manner similar to fibre.
Supports healthy kidney function.

Let us know how you get on!

Nitya, Kyle, Sarai and Tara x








Posted: Wednesday 27 June 2018

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