Nasturtiums - Powerfully Antibacterial!

Nasturtiums - Powerfully Antibacterial!

Nasturtiums are popping up again around gardens and they are very valuable, don't pull them out!

- DID YOU KNOW... They are one of THE most powerful antibacterial plants readily available, the leaves,flowers and seeds are all edible and have a beautiful slightly warm peppery taste.

- This plant is nature’s antibiotic, it’s antibiotic qualities have been found in studies to be effective against some microorganisms that are resistant to common antibiotics helping prevent coughs,colds and the flu.

- One leaf eaten per hour as soon as you get a sore throat can drastically reduce the severity of the infection and help with healing.

- Super high in Vit C but also high in Vit B1,B2,B3 and Iron.

- Plant these gorgeous plants in your garden as they are amazing helpers,releasing a special essence into the soil which is absorbed by other plants helping them to resist attacks by pests and diseases.

- Studies have shown nasturtiums to be most effective when fresh so toss them into your salad to boost your immune system and get yourself ready for those winter lurgies.

- Brilliant for any time of the year but particularly winter!

What a suprising plant that often just gets pulled out! Next time you think about pulling them out, think of how you can use them instead! ;-)

Posted: Wednesday 15 July 2020

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