Vanilla Bean Natural Sunscreen

Vanilla Bean Natural Sunscreen
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Children really love the fragrances (unlike regular sunscreen), my daughter and her friends all really love the vanilla bean scent, one child said it smelled like white chocolate ;-)

It's available in either a 65gm jar, 150gm tin or a 65gm rub-on cardboard sunscreen stick (so you can keep your hands a little bit cleaner) - super handy to quickly apply onto fast moving children!

The vegan and sensitive option is nut and coconut oil free and has a light vanilla and lavender scent.

Sunscreen Testing:

There are two types of sunscreen test. In vivo is the "old fashioned" but more reliable testing method. It involves 10 human volunteers who apply the sunscreen and their skin is tested for a change of colour (pigment darkening) after being exposed to the sun for a certain period of time.
In vitro is a laboratory test and the modern version of the above method. Several in vitro techniques have been developed, but at present there is no broadly accepted method.
Each country has their own methods and regulations. At present NZ has none and sunscreens are not required to get tested. If a sunscreen from NZ is to be tested is has to go to an Australian institute, which can be very costly.
At Nature Body we have basically done the in vivo testing method and have tested it on ourselves over several years. We have used only this sunscreen on our entire family for several years, from young baby to adult. Some of us are fair skinned and some of us more olive skinned. We have not gotten a sunburn once when the sunscreen was applied. In fact it's really obvious if we accidentally miss a spot!

We have a light tan on exposed skin at the end of each summer and rated the sunscreen as a SPF30+ (based on the % of zinc oxide in our sunscreen and years of use).

We recommend some common sense around the sun also (of course!)... seek shade as much as possible between 11am and 3pm and cover up with clothes and a hat. Re-apply this sunscreen every two hours, and after getting out of water. No need to wait 20 mins before going out into sun.

Ingredients: organic extra virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, non-nano zinc oxide, red raspberry seed oil, organic cocoa powder, carrot seed oil, organic vanilla extract and bean, homeopathic remedy sol.

"I have tried your sunscreen and love it. So light and not greasy" - Jess Chesney

"We absolutely love your sunscreen it’s so kid friendly. My toddler had such sensitive skin." - Ashleigh Tipene

"I just love your stick sunscreen for my children so easy to ut on!!!!!" - Chanel Allen

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