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Upcycled Wool Dryer Balls - NEW

Upcycled Wool Dryer Balls - NEW
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Upcycled 100% wool is saved and turned into these beautiful and functional dryer balls. (They are 100% wool - no filler)

Here’s how they work:

Use 3 or more wool dryer balls per load with your clothing.The balls add air and space between your clothing to decrease drying time, and increase the effectiveness of your dry cycle - this can reduce drying time from 20-40%. The balls decrease static and your clothes will feel lovely and soft.

They usually last for 2-5 years, over 1000 loads! You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the balls to scent your laundry i.e. lovely relaxing lavender.

Other wool dryer balls are often made of virgin wool that can be shipped across the world just to make these balls (talk about carbon footprint!). These dryer balls can save you in power, come in beautiful colors, and puts to use wool that may have otherwise been sent to a landfill. This is a product that is quality, healthy, long-lived and that you can feel good about.

Each pack is a set of 3 balls of varying size and comes in a reusable cotton bag. Due to the nature of repurposing wool, they all start out 30g, but size varies on the type of wool used. They all remain the same absorbency of course. Each wool ball is felted so it won't snag and they will continue to felt during use and become denser.

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