Tips for moving to a chemical free deodorant (from someone who struggled)...

For three decades I used the strongest chemical deodorant on the market which claimed to “be so effective you can even skip a day”. It worked well

and did the job it was designed to do – it blocked my pores with chemicals, and prevented me sweating.

I tried many, many natural deodorants on and off over the years. Most of them were expensive and never really worked for me.

Surely it’s me, I thought! Perhaps I just sweat more than the average person OR perhaps it just doesn’t work for women of a certain age? 

I finally found out how to painlessly move to a natural probiotic deodorant, and the best one for me. 

Luckily I discovered that I just had to find the right stuff and then persevere - after all those years of using a chemical product designed to block my pores, my body just needed to learn to sweat again and I needed to allow time for that to happen. 

It took two weeks for the Nature Body probiotic deo to completely work for me, and for my body to adjust and start sweating naturally again (the way it was made to). If I hadn’t known about the need for an adjustment period I would’ve given up after a few days, if not just one!

It’s nearly been a year now and I will never go back! I smell better than I ever did using a chemical deodorant, and my impact on the environment is obviously better. I love knowing that my deo is good for my body, produced sustainably, uses natural ingredients, and is eco friendly.

My top tips for going probiotic/natural:

  • Persevere! Give your body time to learn to sweat again
  • Apply your probiotic deo straight after a shower or bath. If you’re not showering/bathing, wash your armpits well with soap and a cloth before application
  • If using a solid deo hold the stick against your arm pit for a second or two before applying – this will warm the waxes, butters, and oils to give you a smooth application and good coverage
  • Don’t be shy! Apply liberally all over your armpit
  • Probiotic deos work better when your armpit is hair free
  • Choose your fragrance/scent carefully.  If you use a traditional chemical deo and are moving to the good side for the first time, your choice of scent should be clean and fresh rather than an earthy/musky fragrance. I recommend Mint & Manuka, Lemongrass, or Warrior for a fresh non-floral fragrance. For a more fresh, floral, and sweeter option go for Goddess, Peace, or Jasmine & Bergamot
  • Please, please, please, don’t go for an unscented option for your first time unless you absolutely need to! You will set yourself (and the product) up for failure
  • Don’t jump straight to the Extra Strength options. The regular strength worked best for me, especially to start with. They're softer, creamier, and easier to apply. 
  • If I can do it you can!                                     

Kia kaha,                      



Posted: Friday 6 August 2021

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